James Altgens
AP Photographer
South Side of Elm
Front Of Limousine
AP DISPATCH: November 22, 1963.
At first I though the shots came from the opposite side of the street. I ran over there to see if I could get some pictures. But it turned out to be just more confusion. . . I did not know until later where the shots came from.
DEPOSITION: July 22, 1964.
Mr. LIEBELER. Did you have any idea where the sound came from . . . ?
Mr. ALTGENS. Well, it sounded like it was coming up from behind the car from my position—I mean the first shot, and being fireworks—who counts fireworks explosions? I wasn’t keeping track of the number of pops that took place, but I could vouch for No. 1, and I can vouch for the last shot, but I cannot tell you how many shots were in between. There was not another shot fired after the President was struck in the head. That was the lst shot—that much I will say with a great degree of certainty.
Mr. LIEBELER. What makes you so certain of that, Mr. Altgens?
Mr. ALTGENS. . . . What made me almost certain that the shot came from behind was because at the time I was looking at the President, just as he was struck, it caused him to move a bit forward. . . . It knocked him just enough forward that he came right on down.