Virgie Baker
Bookkeeper at TSBD
Front of Depository
FBI INTERVIEW: November 24, 1963.
She observed President Kennedy's car pass her point of observation and almost immediately thereafter heard three explosions spaced at intervals which she at first thought were firecrackers. It sounded as though these sounds were coming from the direction of the triple underpass, and looking in that direction after the first shot she saw something bounce from the roadway in front of the Presidential automobile and now presumes it was a bullet bouncing off the pavement. . . . Rackley stated that she did not look up at the Texas School Book Depository building since she did not think that the sounds were coming from that building.
FBI STATEMENT: March 19, 1964.
I recall that moments after the Presidential car passed I heard three loud reports which I first thought to be a prankster throwing firecrackers. As soon as we realized shots had been fired at President John F. Kennedy we ran in the direction of the Presidential car, which I estimate to be about fifty yards from where we were standing, but when we got there the Motorcade had already driven away. We stood there for several minutes trying to find out what happened and then returned to the Depository Building entrance. [Not asked origin of shots.]
DEPOSITION: March 22, 1964.
Mr. LIEBELER. How many shots did you hear?
Mrs. BAKER. Three
Mr. LIEBELER. When did you first become aware that they were shots?
Mrs. BAKER. With the second shot.
Mr. LIEBELER. Did you have any idea where they were coming from?
Mrs. BAKER. Well, the way it sounded—it sounded like it was coming from—there was a railroad track that runs behind the building—there directly behind the building and around, so I guess it would be by the underpass, the triple underpass, and there is a railroad track that runs back out there and there was a train that looked like a circus train as well as I can remember now, back there, and we all ran to the plaza—the little thing there I guess you call it a plaza—back behind there—this other girl and I almost ran back over there and looked and we didn’t see anything.
Mr. LIEBELER. When you say the plaza, you mean Dealey Plaza, the area that lies between Elm Street and this little street that runs by the Texas School Book Depository Building; is that correct? Is that what you mean?
Mrs. BAKER. Yes, sir.
Mr. LIEBELER. After you head the shots, you ran down the little street that runs in front of the School Book Depository?
Mrs. BAKER. Along the grass.
Mr. LIEBELER. Along the grass—alongside there, running toward the triple underpass where Elm Street goes, but you were actually running down the little street or alongside the street on the grass, alongside the street that runs right in front of the Texas School Book Depository?
Mrs. BAKER. Yes.
Mr. LIEBELER. And you say there are some railroad tracks back in there; is that right?
Mrs. BAKER. Yes.
Mr. LIEBELER. Immediately behind Dealey Plaza away from Elm Street?
Mrs. BAKER. Yes.
Mr. LIEBELER. And is that where you thought the shots came from?
Mrs. BAKER. Yes.

[Mrs. Baker testified that she, "saw a shot hit the pavement" immediately after the first shot. (7H508) She thought it hit behind the Presidential Limousine on Elm Street at the Stemmons Freeway sign.] 7H508