Welcome Barnett
Dallas Police Officer
Northwest Corner Elm and
Book Depository
When the shots were fired, I looked up and could not see anyone or anything extending out of the windows. I thought the shots were coming from top of the building.
DEPOSITION: July 23, 1964.
Mr. LIEBELER. How many shots did you hear?
Mr. BARNETT. Three.
Mr. LIEBELER. Was there any echo in the area from where you were standing?
Mr. BARNETT. What do you mean by echo? You mean another sound besides the shots?
Mr. BARNETT. No; I didn't hear any echo. The whole sound echoed. The sound lingered, but as far as just two definite distinct sounds, when each shot was fired, that one sound would linger in the air, but there would be nothing else until the next shot. . . .
Mr. LIEBELER. Did you have an opinion when you heard the shots as to where they came from?
Mr. BARNETT. Yes, sir.
Mr. LIEBELER. What did you think about them?
Mr. BARNETT. When the first shot was fired, I thought it was a firecracker, and I looked across the street. In fact, I scanned the whole area to see where people would jump or move or make some action.
Mr. LIEBELER. You couldn't tell specifically where it had come from?
Mr. BARNETT. Not the first one, but I thought it was a firecracker. But none of the people moved or took any action, whereas they would have if a firecracker went off. And when the second shot was fired, it sounded high. The sound of the second one seemed to me like it was coming from up high, and I looked up at the building and I saw nothing in the windows. In fact, I couldn't even see any windows at that time.
Mr. LIEBELER. In the Texas School Book Depository?
Mr. BARNETT. No, sir; because I was standing too close, was the reason. And I looked back again at the crowd, and the third shot was fired. And I looked up again, and I decided it had to be on top of that building. To me, it is the only place the sound could be coming from. (7H541-2)
Mr. LIEBELER. So you were pretty sure fairly quickly that the shots had come from the Texas School Book Depository?
Mr. BARNETT. Yes, sir.
Mr. LIEBELER. There was no notion in your mind that they could have come from these railroad tracks down here around the triple underpass?
Mr. BARNETT. To me, it is impossible.
Mr. LIEBELER. From the sound of the shots?
Mr. BARNETT. The sounds were high, and if it was down here, it wouldn't echo. It would be a low sound. For a shot to echo, it has to be high up.
Mr. LIEBELER. You mean to hang?
Mr. BARNETT. To hang like that. (7H544)