Lee Bowers
Railroad Switchman
Tower Behind Knoll
Knoll & Depository
Not Asked
DALLAS SHERIFF'S REPORT: November 22, 1963.
Not asked source of shots.
I head at least 3 shots very close together. Just after the shots the area became crowded with people coming from Elm Street and the slope just north of Elm. [Not asked source of shots.]
FBI REPORT: November 22, 1963.
[Report does not reveal if Bowers was asked the source of the shots.]
DEPOSITION: April 4, 1964.
Mr. BALL. Did you hear anything?
Mr. BOWERS. I heard three shots. One, then a slight pause, then two very close together. Also reverberation from the shots.
Mr. BALL. And were you able to form an opinion as to the source of the sound or what direction it came from, I mean?
Mr. BOWERS. The sounds came either from up against the School Depository Building or near the mouth of the triple underpass.
Mr. BALL. Were you able to tell which?
Mr. BOWERS. No; I could not.
Mr. BALL. Well, now, had you had any experience before being in the tower as to sounds coming from those various places?
Mr. BOWERS. Yes; I had worked this same tower for some 10 or 12 years, and was there during the time they were renovating the School Depository Building, and had noticed at that time the similarity of sounds occurring in either of those two locations.
Mr. BALL. Can you tell me now whether or not it came, the sounds you heard, the three shots came from the direction of the Depository Building or the triple underpass?Mr. BOWERS. No; I could not.
Mr. BALL. From your experience there, previous experience there in hearing sounds that originated at the Texas School Book Depository Building, did you notice that sometimes those sounds seem to come from the triple underpass? Is that what you told me a moment ago?
Mr. BOWERS. There is a similarity of sound, because there is a reverberation which takes place from either location. ...
Mr. BALL. Afterwards did a god many people come up there on this high ground at the tower?
Mr. BOWERS. A large number of people came, more than one direction. One group converged from the corner of Elm and Houston, and came down the extension of Elm and came into the high ground, and another line—another large group went across the triangular area between Houston and Elm and then across Elm and then up the incline. Some of them all the way up. Many of them did, as well as, of course, between 50 and a hundred policemen within a maximum of 5 minutes.
Mr. BALL. In this area around your tower?
Mr. BOWERS. That’s right. Sealed off the area, and I held off the trains until they could be examined.