John Connally
Governor of Texas
Presidential Limousine
Book Depository
WARREN COMMISSION: April 21, 1964.

Mr. SPECTER. What was your impression then as to the source of the shot.
GOVERNOR CONNALLY. From back over my right shoulder which, again, was where immediately when I heard the first shot I identified the sound as coming back over my right shoulder.
Mr. SPECTER. At an elevation?
GOVERNOR CONNALLY. At an elevation. I would have guessed at an elevation. [4H134]

SENATOR COOPER. I wanted to ask you if you were very conscious of the fact. you were conscious of a shot behind you, you were not aware of any shot from the embankment or overpass. the answer is what?
GOVERNOR CONNALLY. I am not aware of any shots from the overpass, Senator. Senator, I might repeat my testimony with emphasis to this extent, that I have all my life been familiar with the sound of a rifle shot, and the sound I heard I thought was a rifle shot, at the time I heard it I didn't think it was a firecracker or blowout or anything else. I thought it was a rifle shot. I have hunted enough to think that my perception with respect to directions is very very good and this shot I heard came from back over my right shoulder, which was in the direction of the School Book depository, no question about it. i heard no other. the first and third shots came from there. I heard no other sounds that would indicate to or anything else on the overpass. [4H144]