Malcolm Couch
Cameraman WFAA-TV
8th Car from Limousine
Book Depository
FBI REPORT : November 27, 1963.
He heard two loud noises about ten seconds apart which sounded like a motorcycle backfire. He said as they turned the corner onto Elm from Houston, he heard another noise, and Robert Jackson yelled to look up at the window. He said he immediately turned his head toward the area of the Texas School Book Depository building, and around the fifth or sixth floor he observed what appeared to be a rifle being withdrawn from a window. He said by this time the car was approximately in front of the window in question, but he could not observe any figure behind same.
DEPOSITION: April 1, 1964.
And after the third shot, Bob Jackson, who was, as I recall, on my right, yelled something like, "Look up in the window! There's a rifle!" And I remember glancing up to a window on the far right which at the time impressed me as the sixth or seventh floor, and seeing about a foot of a rifle being-the barrel brought into the window. I saw no one in that window-just a quick one-second glance at the barrel. [Couch was never asked where he thought the sound of the shots came from.] [Couch took a black and white movie from Camera Car #3. House Select Committee on Assassination, Volume 6, page 136.]