Tom Dillard
Press Photographer
8th Car from Limousine
Book Depository
FBI REPORT: November 25, 1963.

     Mr. Dillard stated the car in which he was riding had not approached the corner of Houston and Elm Streets when he heard a noise sounding like a "torpedo" (a large firecracker). He states upon hearing another sound similar to the first he realized it was gunfire.
      He states that upon hearing the third shot the car in which he was riding was stopped almost in front of the Texas School Book Depository building. He states at that time he heard Bob Jackson of the Dallas times Herald exclaim "I see a rifle. Itís up there in the open window." Then Jackson pointed toward the Texas School Book Depository Building located at Elm and Houston Streets.
      Mr. Dillard stated he looked upward toward the building and saw nothing resembling a rifle protruding from an open window. He states he did, however, take two photographs of the building at that time.

DEPOSITION: April 1, 1964.
I felt like it was coming from a north area and quite close... we were getting a sort of reverberation which made it difficult to pinpoint the actual direction but my feeling was that it was coming into my face and, in that i was facing north toward the School Depository-I might add that I very definitely smelled gun powder when the car moved up at the corner.