Richard Dodd
Track Supervisor
Railroad Overpass
FBI REPORT: March 17, 1964.
He stated he first realized something was wrong when he saw President Kennedy slump forward and simultaneously heard shots ring out. He stated he did not know how many shots were fired, but that the sounds were very close together. Mr. Dodd advised that his attention remained on President Kennedy; he did not look up and did not know where the shots came from.

FILM INTERVIEW, Mark Lane: March 24, 1966.
The film Rush To Judgment  
LANE. Did you see anything which might indicate to you where the shots came from?
DODD. Well, we all four seen about the same thing. The shots, the smoke came from behind the hedge on the north side of the plaza. And a motorcycle policeman dropped his motorcycle in the street with his gun in his hand and run up the embankment to the hedge. And then I went North to look around the corner to see if there is anyone behind the hedge and met special agent of the railroad. And he went down there, and I walked along with him to see if there were any tracks there. In which there were tracks and cigarette butts was laying where someone was stranding on the bumper looking over the fence or something.
LANE. Where you questioned by agents of any government agency on November 22, Mr. Dodd.
DODD. Yes, we were. We were taken over to the court house and questioned by I suppose Secret Service men of some kind. Asked me quite a few questions about the same as I’ve told you here today.