Robert Edwards
Dallas County Court House
Houston Near Elm
Could Not Tell
DALLAS POLICE AFFIDAVIT : November 22, 1963.
The shots seemed to come from that building [Book Depository] there... I noticed that he [man in Book Depository window] had on a sport shirt, it was light colored it was yellow or white, something to that effect and his hair was rather short; I thought he might be something around twenty-six, as near as I could tell.
FBI REPORT : December 2, 1963.
Shortly after President Kennedy’s car passed his position, he heard shots, which he thought were three or four in very rapid sequence, and because of the confusion, he did not again look for the individual he had previously seen in the window of the sixth floor. He had no idea as to where the shots had come from, and the person he had seen in the window previous to the shooting was visible only from the lower neckline up.
DEPOSITION: April 9, 1964.
Mr. BELIN. How many shots did you hear, if you remember?
Mr. EDWARDS. Well, I heard one more then than was fired, I believe.
Mr. BELIN. You mean you said on the affidavit you heard four shots?
Mr. EDWARDS. I still right now don’t know how many was fired. If I said four, then I thought I heard four.
Mr. BELIN. If you said four, you mean the affidavit—maybe we’d better introduce it into the record as Edward’s Deposition Exhibit A. Where do you think the shots came from?
Mr. EDWARDS. I have no idea.
Mr. BELIN. In the affidavit you stated that the shots seemed to come from the building there. Did you really say that or not.
Mr. EDWARDS. No; I didn’t say that.
Mr. EDWARDS. Well, I heard one more then than was fired, I believe. [6H205]