Amos Euins
9th Grade Student
Elm & Houston
Book Depository
I heard a shot. I started looking around and then I looked up in the red brick building. I saw a man in a window with a gun and I saw him shoot twice. He then stepped back behind some boxes. I could tell the gun was rifle and it sounded like an automatic rifle the way he was shooting. I just saw a little bit of the barrel, and some of the trigger housing. This was a white man, he did not have on a hat. I just saw this man for a few seconds.
FBI REPORT : November 29, 1963.

He stated since the could no longer see the Presidentís car, he happened to glance up and noticed what appeared to be the barrel of a rifle protruding from the window near the top of the Texas School Book Depository building. He stated the saw a manís hand on what appeared to be the rifle stock and that he knew it was a rifle because he heard the shots fired. He stated he could not tell anything about the man.

FBI REPORT : December 14, 1963.

He said that he glanced at the TSBD building and noticed what appeared to be a metal rod extending out of what he believes is the fifth floor window on the southeast side of the TSBD building. He said the did not pay any attention to this rod at that particular time. . . .
      He said after the Presidentís car started down the hill, he heard what he thought was a car backfire and he looked around and also glanced at the TSBD building, and on the fifth floor were he had seen what he thought to be a metal rod, he noticed a rifle in the window and saw the second and third shots fired. He stated he saw a manís hand on the what appeared to be the trigger housing and he could also see a bald spot on the manís head. He stated he did not see the face of this individual and could not identify him. . . .
      He stated he also heard what he believes was a fourth shot, and that the individual in the window, after firing the fourth shot, began looking around and he (Euins) at this time hid behind a concrete partition. He said he saw this individual withdraw the rifle and step back in the window.

WARREN COMMISSION: March 10, 1964.
[Repeats what he related in Dallas Police Affidavit except Euins is not sure that the man he saw was white or black (2H208) and he heard 4 shots (2H204).]