S. M. Holland
Railroad Signal Supervisor
Railroad Overpass
I looked over toward the arcade and trees and saw a puff of smoke come from the trees and I heard three more shots after the first shot but that was the only puff of smoke I saw... But the puff of smoke definitely came from behind the arcade through the trees.
FBI REPORT: November 24, 1963.
The only unusual thing that Holland could recall was an approximate one and one-half to two foot diameter of what he believed was gray smoke which appeared to him to be coming from the trees which would have been on the right of the Presidential car but observed no one there or in the vicinity.
DEPOSITION: April 8, 1964.
And puff of smoke came out about 6 or 8 feet above the ground right out from under those trees.
INTERVIEW, Mark Lane: March 21, 1966.
The film Rush To Judgment  
LANE. Did you look in any particular direction when you heard the shots.
HOLLAND. Yes, I looked over to where I thought the shots came from. And I saw a puff of smoke still lingering underneath the trees in front of the wooden fence. The report sounded like it came from behind the wooden fence. And a policeman threw his motorcycle down in the middle of the street and run up the embankment with his pistol drawn. He was running toward that particular spot....
[Lane and Holland are standing on the overpass.]
LANE. Where did you hear that third shot come from?
HOLLAND. Right over about 20 or 30 feet from near the end of that little picket fence.
LANE. And where was the smoke that you saw?
HOLLAND. It drifted right out underneath those green trees, those two trees.
LANE. From behind the fence?
HOLLAND. From behind the fence. It kind of hung there for a few seconds, long enough that you could see a puff of smoke.
LANE. And then what did you do?
HOLLAND. Immediately after the President’s car came underneath this overpass, the four of us broke and run around this fence to find out if we could see anybody leaving the area....
[Lane and Holland are standing behind the wooden fence where Holland saw smoke.]
HOLLAND. This is where I saw the smoke from the third shot.
LANE. Right drifting out around here?
HOLLAND. Just drifting out underneath these trees.