Robert Jackson
Press Photographer
8th Car Motorcade
Book Depository
FBI REPORT: November 22, 1963.
Jackson advised that upon hearing the three shots, he looked upward and straight ahead at a window in the Texas School Book Depository building, 411 Elm Street, Dallas, in time to see the barrell of a rifle being pulled inside the window. Jackson said he was unable to see the person holding the rifle and therefore could not describe such individual.
WARREN COMMISSION: March 10, 1964.

Mr. JACKSON. Then after the last shot... I just looked straight up ahead of me which would have been looking at the School Book Depository... and I saw the rifle or what looked like a rifle approximately half of the weapon, I guess I saw, and just as I looked at it, it was drawn fairly slowly back into the building, and I saw no one in the window. [2H159]

Mr. SPECTER. Mr. Jackson, at the time you heard the first shot, did you have any reaction or impression from the sound itself as to the source of the shot, point of origin?
Mr. JACKSON. No, sir; I didn't. It did sound like it came from ahead of us or from that general vicinity but I could not tell whether it was high up or on the ground.
Mr. SPECTER. When you say that general vicinity, what vicinity did you mean?
Mr. JACKSON. We were sure it came from ahead of us which would be in a northerly direction, northwesterly direction. It did sound as though it came from somewhere around the head of the motorcade. [2H162]