Roy Kellerman
Secret Service Agent
Presidential Limousine
Book Depository
FBI REPORT: November 22, 1963.
He advised he heard a shot and immediately turned around, looking at Governor Connally, who was seated directly in back of him, to the President. He observed the President slum forward and heard him say, Get me to a hospital." Mr. Kellerman then heard Mrs. Kennedy say, "Oh, no!", as the President leaned toward her. He immediately advised the driver to take the President to the nearest hospital.
FBI REPORT: November 27, 1963.
      Kellerman said he heard a noise like a firecracker.
      At this point, Kellerman advised he had been in almost daily contact for the past three years, with the President, and said he could pick his voice out from any group of people.
      Upon hearing a noise like firecracker, he distinctly and positively heard the President say "My God, I’ve been hit". Kellerman advised he immediately turned his head to the left rear and almost instantaneously heard two additional shots.
      Upon turning his head to the left, he observed President Kennedy with his left hand in back of him appearing to be reaching to a point on his right shoulder, the President fell on Mrs. Kennedy’s lap. She stated "my God, what are they doing to you?" Governor Connally never said a word. Through the corner of his eye, he noticed that Governor Connally appeared to be falling back face up in the lap of his wife. Kellerman stated he immediately turned around and advised Mr. Greer, "Get going, we’ve been hit."
STATEMENT: November 29, 1963.
I heard a noise, similar to a firecracker, exploding in the area to the rear of the car.

Mr. KELLERMAN. And I turned my head to the right because whatever this noise was I was sure that it came from the right and perhaps into the rear and as I turned by head to the right to view whatever it was or see whatever it was, I heard a voice from the back seat and I firmly believe it was the President's, "My God, I am hit," and I turned around and he has got his hands up here like this. [2H73]

Mr. KELLERMAN. I am sure it came off my right rear somewhere. [2H75]

Mr. KELLERMAN. But, Mr. Specter, if President Kennedy had from all reports four wounds, Governor Connally three, there have got to be more than three shots, gentlemen.
SENATOR COOPER. What is that answer? What did he say? [2H78]