Thomas Murphy
Railroad Mail Foreman
4 or more
FBI REPORT: March 17, 1964.
Murphy said that they watched President Kennedy’s limousine turn down Elm Street past the Texas School Book Depository building and start towards them. He stated he then heard what sounded like two shots and he saw President Kennedy and Governor Connally slump in their seats. Murphy said in his opinion these shots came from a spot just west of the Texas School Book Depository Building.
AUDIO TAPE INTERVIEW, Stewart Galanor: May 6, 1966
GALANOR. Could you tell me how many shots you heard?
MURPHY. More than three.
GALANOR. More than three.
MURPHY. That’s right.
GALANOR. Do you have any idea how many more than three?
MURPHY. No sir, I don’t. But they didn’t come from the direction that they say. ...
GALANOR. Could you tell me where you thought the shots came from?
MURPHY. Yeah, they come from a tree to the left, of my left which is to the immediate right of the sight of the assassination.
GALANOR. That would be on that grassy hill up there.
MURPHY. Yeah, on the hill up there. There are two or three hackberry and Elm trees. And I say it come from there.
GALANOR. Was there anything that actually led you to believe that the shots came from there?
MURPHY. Yeah, smoke.
GALANOR. You saw smoke?
MURPHY. Sure did.
GALANOR. Could you tell me exactly where you saw the smoke?
MURPHY. Yeah, in that tree.