Over six hundred people witnessed the assassination of President Kennedy. Regrettably,
the Warren Commission did not conduct an analysis of witness accounts, nor did it give any
credence to the accounts of those witnesses who thought the shots came from the grassy knoll.

In The Art and Science of Misrepresenting Evidence we examine how the Warren
Commission and the House Select Committee on Assassinations manipulated evidence to
dismiss witness accounts of the assassination.

The Survey of 216 Witness Accounts is our tabulation of where the witnesses placed the
source of the shots.

All witness accounts obtained by the Warren Commission can be found by clicking on the
witness' name at the left. A white dot on the Dealey Plaza photograph represents the
approximate location of the witness at the time of the fatal shot. Excerpts from reports or
testimony of the witness are presented below the map. To see the full report or testimony,
click on the interview title (FBI REPORT, DEPOSITION, etc.).

This survey of witness accounts is not yet definitive, and links to full reports and testimony
are not yet complete. Please notify us by email (sgalanor@aol.com) of any omissions or
errors that you find.

An excellent map by Craig Ciccone identifying 328 witnesses to the assassination is no
longer available. Mr. Ciccone expects to have a new map identifying over 400 witnesses
in print no later than August 1, 2002.