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The History Matters Archive contains dozens of hours of audio, recorded into digital form from the tapes at the National Archives and LBJ Library. These audio clips include phone calls of President Johnson and witness interviews conducted by the House Select Committee on Assassinations and the Assassination Records Review Board.

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LBJ November 1963 Phone Calls

LBJ-Hoover, 11-23-63
Moyers-Rostow, 11-24-63
LBJ-Hoover, 11-25-63
LBJ-Alsop, 11-25-63
LBJ-Hoover, 11-29-63
LBJ-Russell, 11-29-63
LBJ-McCone, 11-30-63

HSCA Medical Testimony and Interviews

Tom Robinson, 1-2-77
James Humes and J. Thorton Boswell, 9-16-77
Richard Lipsey, 1-18-78
John Ebersole, 3-11-78
Pierre Finck, 3-11-78
Pierre Finck, 3-12-78
Robert Knudsen, 8-11-78

HSCA Other Unpublished Testimony

Pedro Gutierrez Valencia, 6-5-78
William Coleman, 8-2-78
Juan Niles Ortero, 8-25-78

ARRB Medical Testimony

John Stringer, 7-16-96
Floyd Riebe, 5-7-97
Saundra Kay Spencer, 6-5-97
Francis O'Neill Jr., 9-11-97
Jerrol Custer, 10-28-97

ARRB Medical Interviews

Donald A. Purdy, 1-18-96
Gloria Knudsen & Family, 5-10-96
Audrey Bell, 3-20-97