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Volume VI of the HSCA's Appendices is the report of the HSCA photographic panel. The photographic panel examined a much wider variety of photographs and films than did the Warren Commission. It reported on the number and timing of shots via blur (jiggle) analysis of the Zapruder film, and conducted a trajectory analysis as well. It conducted authenticity studies on the Oswald "backyard" photos and the Kennedy autopsy photos, although documents which came to light in the late 1990s cast doubt on the panel's work related to the autopsy photos (see ARRB staff memos). The panel reviewed photos of the "grassy knoll" in order to determine if a gunman was visible in them, and it also examined particular photos to try to settle questions relating to the identity of persons in the photos.

Title  (PDF: 168 K)
I. Introduction  (PDF: 998 K)
A. Selection of the Photographic Experts
B. Image Enhancement Technology
1. Photo-Optical/Photochemical Enhancement
2. Digital Image Processing
3. Autoradiographic Enhancement
C. Source Materials for Enhancement
D. Panel Procedures
II. The Number, Timing, and Source of the Shots Fired at the Presidential Limousine  (PDF: 3002 K)
A. Warren Commission Findings
B. The Panel's Analysis
1. Approach
2. Visual Evidence Derived from Observations of Persons in the Zapruder Film
3. The Panning Error--Blur Analysis of the Zapruder Film
4. The Trajectory Analysis
(a) Introduction
(b) Issues
(c) Procedures
(d) Conclusions
(e) Analysis
Addendum A: Calibration Photographs of the Replica of President Kennedy's Head
Addendum B: Correlating Trajectory to the Acoustics Results...
5. Photographic Evidence of Dealey Plaza
III. The Assassin  (PDF: 2548 K)
A. The Alleged Assassination Weapon
1. Introduction
2. Issues
3. Materials and Procedures
4. Conclusions
Addendum: Report on an Examination of Photographs of the Rifle...
B. Alleged Alibi Evidence--The Billy Lovelady Issue
IV. Conspiracy Questions 
A. Alleged Gunmen in Dealey Plaza
  (PDF: 2204 K)
1. Introduction
2. Issue
3. Materials and Procedures
4. Conclusions
5. Analysis
(a) The Texas School Book Depository
(b) The grassy knoll
Addendum A: Calculations on the Boxes in the Sixth Floor Window
Addendum B: Calculation of Head Sizes in Zapruder Frame 413
B. Photograph Authentication
1. The Oswald Backyard Photographs
  (PDF: 6040 K)
(a) Introduction
(b) Issue
(c) Materials and Procedures
(d) Conclusion
(e) Analysis
Addendum A: Measurements of Horizontal and Vertical Parallax
Addendum B: Report to the HSCA: The Oswald Backyard Photographs
Attachment A: Glossary of Photographic Terms
Attachment B--Transcript of BBC Interview
2. Authentication of the Kennedy Autopsy Photographs and X-rays
  (PDF: 257 K)
3. Forensic Anthropological Issues
  (PDF: 4320 K)
(a) Introductory statement of approach
(b) Authentication of autopsy photographs
(c) Authentication of Autopsy X-rays
(d) Comparison of photographs of Joseph Milteer with that of an unidentified Dallas motorcade spectator
(e) The three tramps
(f) The "Second Oswald" Theory--Comparison of Oswald Facial Photographs
(g) Comparison of photographs of Lee Harvey Oswald and Billy Lovelady...
Comments on the Panel's Report by Robert Groden, Consultant to the Committee  (PDF: 1034 K)
I. The "Backyard" Photographs
II. The Nix and Moorman Pictures
III. The Walker Bullet
IV. Timing and Number of Shots
V. Joseph Milteer
VI. The Acoustics Tests
VII. Report on Issues Relating to the Authenticity of the Autopsy X-rays and Photographs...
VIII. Recovered Bullet During JFK Autopsy
References  (PDF: 502 K)