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Volume VIII of the HSCA's Appendices contains the reports on the acoustics evidence (using a recording made from a police motorcycle with its microphone stuck open), as well as reports on fingerprint and handwriting evidence. The HSCA's acoustics findings became the main scientific basis for its "probable conspiracy" finding. The analysis was subsequently disputed by a panel appointed by the National Academy of Sciences, but this rebuttal itself has been recently challenged by scientist D.B. Thomas in an article published in Science and Justice.

Title  (PDF: 78 K)
A Study of the Acoustics Evidence Related to the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy  (PDF: 1724 K)
An Analysis of Recorded Sounds Relating to the Assassination... (Weiss and Aschkenasy)
1.0 Introduction and Sumary
2.0 Description of the Recorded Sounds
3.0 The Nature of the Problem and the Method of Solution
4.0 Implementation of the Analysis
5.0 Comparison of the Sequence of Impulses on the DPD Recording with Sequences of Predicted Echoes
Analysis of Recorded Sounds Relating to the Assassination... (Bolt Beranek and Newman)
  (PDF: 2154 K)
Table of Contents
List of Figures
1. Introduction and Summary
2. Nature of Radio-Transmitted Sounds of Gunfire
3. Results of Examining and Processing the DPD Channel 1 Tape
4. Screening Tests
5. Acoustical Reconstruction in Dealey Plaza
6. Additional Relevant Sounds on the DPD Channel 1 Tape
7. Review of an Independent Analysis of the Possible Third Shot
Appendix A. Computer Signal Processing
Appendix B. Radio Transmission of Gunfire Signals
Appendix C. Analysis of False Alarms in the Correlation Detection Test
Analysis of Earwitness Reports Relating to the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy
  (PDF: 753 K)
Table of Contents
List of Figures and Tables
1. Introduction
2. Localization of Sound
3. Statistical Surveys
4. Reports of Trained Observers
5. Conclusions
Appendix A. Transcription of Observers' Notes
Addendum A: Report on the Temperature in Dallas, Tex., November 22, 1963
  (PDF: 133 K)
Addendum B: Report on Wind Condition in Dallas, Tex., November 22, 1963
  (PDF: 403 K)
Addendum C: Memorandum from G. Robert Blakey to the Select Committee on Assassinations on the Mannlicher-Carcano Firing Test
  (PDF: 118 K)
The Analysis of Yuri Nosenko's Polygraph Examination  (PDF: 518 K)
The Analysis of Jack Ruby's Polygraph Examination  (PDF: 1345 K)
The Examination of the Handwriting and Fingerprint Evidence  (PDF: 34 K)
  (PDF: 525 K)
Summary of Conclusions
  (PDF: 1046 K)
Findings and Conclusions of Joseph P. McNally
Findings and Conclusions of David J. Purtell
Findings and Conclusions of Charles C. Scott
Findings and Conclusions of Vincent J. Scalice
  (PDF: 7542 K)
1. October 24, 1956. Original of United States Marine Corps Enlistment Contract...
2. October 24, 1956. Carbon of Item 1, with an original signature, Lee Harvey Oswald
3. October 24, 1956. Loyalty Certificate for Personnel of the Armed Forced, signed Lee Harvey Oswald
4. October 24, 1956. United States Marine Corps Examination of Applicant for Recruiting Officer, signed Lee Harvey Oswald
5. October 24, 1956. United States Corps Record of Emergency Data, signed Lee Harvey Oswald
6. October 24, 1956. Armed Forces fingerprint identification card...
7. October 25, 1956. United States Marine Corps Miscellaneous Information and Index Form...
8. May 8, 1958. Identification card, U.S. Forces, Japan
9. September 10, 1959. United States Passport No. 1733242, signed Lee H. Oswald
11. September 11, 1959. United States Marine Corps Noticed of Obligated Service, signed Lee Harvey Oswald
12. September 11, 1959. United States Marine Corps Security Termination Statement and Index...
13. September 11, 1959. Carbon Copy of Armed Forces of the United States Report of Transfer or Discharge, ...
14. September 14, 1959. Selective Service System Registration card, signed Lee H. Oswald
15. September 14, 1959. Selective Service System registration certificate
16. October 16, 1959 to March 27, 1962. Historical diary. 12 handwritten pages.
17. November 3, 1959. Declaration requesting revocation of United States citizenship, ...
18. November 15, 1959. Photocopy of handwritten account of interview with Miss Aline Mosby, UPI Reporter
19. 1960, undated. Political discussion, handwritten on stationery of the Holland-American Line: 15 pages.
21. 1962, undated. Photocopy of document identified as a self-questionnaire...
22. January 17, 1962. Affadavit of support, addressed to the American Embassy, ...
23. February 20, 1962. Russian script on lined paper, from "Alek" to "Marina" and "June"
24. March 24, 1962. Entry papers of Marina Oswald, including a fingerprint identification card...
25. June 10, 1962. Two-page handwritten letter to The "Worker"
26. July 13, 1962. Letter to Leslie Welding Co., signed Lee H. Oswald...
27. October 9, 1962. Application for Post Office Box No. 2915, signed Lee H. Oswald
28. March 8, 1963. Photocopies of a note in Russian to Ruth Paine from Marina Oswald...
29. March 12, 1963. United States Postal Money Order #2,202,130,462
30. March 12, 1963. Enlargement of microfilm reproduction of Klein's order for for rifle from A. Hidell
31. May 4, 1963. Photograph of man with rifle and newspapers. On the back of the photograph...
32. May 26, 1963. Two-page letter to Fair Play for Cuba Committee
33. June 15, 1963. Fair Play for Cuba Committee, New Orleans Chapter
34. June 25, 1963. Passport application, signed Lee H. Oswald
35. June 24, 1963. Passport photograph attached to item 34, ...
36. August 9, 1963. Fingerprint identification card of New Orleans Police Department, signed Lee H. Oswald
37. August 9, 1963. Photocopy of fingerprint card and attached mug shots, New Orleans Police Department, ...
38. August 28, 1963. Handwritten letter to Central Committee C.P. ...
39. September 27, 1963. Photocopy of a page from a hotel register
40. September 27, 1963. Photographs ... of the original fo the visa application, Cuban Consulate, ...
41. September 27, 1963. Photograph of the carbon copy of item 40, shown to the Select Committee staff...
42. October (no date), 1963. Letter to the Russian Embassy...
43. October 15, 1963. Employment application, with face sheet signed Lee H. Oswald
44. October 16, 1963. Employee's W-4 Withholding Exemption Certificate
45. November 1, 1963. Application for Post Office Box 6225, two cards, ...
46. November 1, 1963. Receipt for key to Post Office Box 6225, signed Lee H. Oswald...
47. November 8, 1963. Photograph of a facsimile copy of a handwritten letter to Mr. Hunt
48. November 9, 1963. Photomechanical (halftone) reproduction of a typewritten letter to the Consular Division...
49. July 18, 1964. Exemplar (standard) signatures and writing of Jack Ruby...
50. Undated. Photograph of unsigned rough draft of item 48
51. Undated. Handwritten speech, nine pages
52. Undated. Two receipts for salary from the Texas School Book Depository, signed Lee H. Oswald...
53. Undated (August?). Photograph of Cuban identification card, Flight 751, signed Jack Ruby
54. Undated. Exemplar writing of Marina Oswald, including seven slips of paper...
55. Undated. Dallas Public Library card
56. Undated. Note in Russian, consisting of 10 lines of handwriting, signed, in Russian, "Alek"
57. Undated. Note in Russian consisting of two pages of 11 handwritten instructions...
58. Undated. Certificate of Service, United States Marine Corps
59. Undated. Social Security card, 433-54-3937, Lee Harvey Oswald; unsigned
60. Undated. Complimentary card, GA-JO EN KANKO Hotel...
61. Three photographs of Oswald, one with the notation on the back "taken at Camp Pendleton Feb 5"...
62. Undated. Slip of paper with the following handwriting...
63. November 22, 1963. Photographs of fingerprint forms of the Dallas Police Department...
  (PDF: 16 K)