LBJ-Hoover 11-29-63


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President Johnson asks FBI Director Hoover "if you're familiar with this proposed group that they're trying to put together" and then goes on to run the names of the prospective Commissioners by Hoover for his opinion. When Hoover says "it would be very very bad to have a rash of investigations," Johnson counters that "the only way we can stop is probably to appoint a high level one to evaluate your report." On the investigation and forthcoming FBI report, Hoover notes that "we hoped to have this thing wrapped up today" but "this angle in Mexico is giving us a great deal of trouble," This is a reference to the matter of Alvarado, the Nicaraguan who a few days before walked into the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City and told of having seen Oswald take money in the Cuban Embassy to kill Kennedy. Hoover relays one interesting fact here, a date-change in the story, which is nowhere found in the official accounting of this episode.

After a discussion of the value of lie detector tests, the conversation moves to the ongoing investigation. Hoover makes several apparent misstatements of fact, including repeatedly referring to the finding of the gun and shells on the fifth floor, not the sixth, of the Book Depository building. The conversation ends with Hoover advising Johnson to ride in a bulletproof car.

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