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The History Matters website is devoted to the study of the assassination of President Kennedy, the coverups of that murder which ensued, and the larger political context in which the murder occurred. It contains materials of interest to both newcomers and scholars. The major features of the website, matching the tabs which appear near the top of the window, are the following::

home The home page is the launching point to the major topic areas of the site. Each topic features an introductory essay, filled with links to reference material. Alongside the essay is a list of links to essays, presentations, electronic reports and documents, audio interviews, photographs, and other materials relevant to the topic. The home page also features links to "current picks" of new or featured material.
archive The History Matters Archive is a repository of tens of thousands of pages of scanned reports, transcripts, and other documents, dozens of hours of audio recordings, and a collection of photographs. This growing body of materials includes both the old, for instance Warren Commission and HSCA published volumes, and the new, including formerly-secret transcripts and documents not made public until the late 1990s or even more recently.
catalog History Matters produces a line of CD-ROM titles. Each title contains a collection of source material, typically numbering in the thousands of pages, on a particular topic. In some cases the source material is accompanied by essays written by expert researchers. All CD-ROMs feature a full-text search engine to facilitate research, and feature near-instantaneous access, something which unfortunately this website cannot offer. History Matters also produces CD-ROMs in a joint venture with the Assassination Archives and Research Center.
search The essays on this site may be searched using our built-in search engine. Due to the large size of scanned document files, the reports and documents in the Archive are not available for searching. If full-text search is important to you, check the catalog for a CD-ROM containing the materials of interest.
site guide This Site Guide.